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For Decade, Circuits99 has been raising the standard of used car retailing with one of the most innovative and reliable used vehicle programs ever created. A comprehensive range of benefits as standard has evolved over time and, today, drivers can leave the forecourt with total reassurance and peace of mind.

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Started in 2014

Following one's passion and making it a sustainable business is not easy. Sanjeev Kumaar T not only followed his heart but also quickly scaled up his business. Circuits 99, the brainchild of Sanjeev, started in 2014 and is one of the leading dealers in the premium and luxury used car market.



Son of K Thankaraj, an automobile enthusiast from Kovai, Sanjeev looks for the best luxury cars from across places to add to his showroom in Chennai. Their sprawling showroom in the city's heart showcases luxury brands like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Range Rover, Volvo, Lexus, Volkswagen, Toyota and others. With a firm emphasis on the preparation of the cars, Sanjeev ensures that each car is rigorously checked, as many as 170 check points, before he buys or sells it. They set extremely high standards and spent a significant amount of time and money to make sure that their cars are mechanically sound and well presented. Sanjeev is also particular that none of the cars he deals with is more than seven years old.



His wife, Jyothi Sanjeev, is a pillar of support for him in the business, and she has an acquired taste for luxury cars that are in mint condition. Jyothi is proud when she says that instead of budget, the first question Circuits 99 asks their customers is the purpose. The couple wants to ensure that each person and family get a chance to upgrade their lifestyle and fulfil their desire to own a premium car with their services. Circuits 99 has cars from 15 lakh onwards to suit any budget.



Citing a Statista report, Sanjeev says that the luxury car sales are expected to reach 205.9K vehicles in 2026. "Used car segment is a crowded marketplace. Hence, customers' trust and confidence in the dealer are critical. Unlike many dealers, every car we advertise is available in our showroom, ready for sale and customers can drive them away the same day," says Sanjeev. Previously customers hesitated to buy used luxury cars through dealers as it involved the risks of transacting with individuals or dealer. "At a physical showroom, they are more assured of our credibility and accountability. We do all the RTO paperwork, road and safety checks and they know they can always reach out to us in case of trouble," Jyothi mentions adding that the idea was to simplify used car buying and after sales service. Their staff is a tight-knit group of enthusiastic profession- als who pride themselves in offering their knowledge, expertise, and personal service to suit their clients' needs. They educate customers on the luxury car segment and promote restoration over replacement, which reduces the cost of maintenance for the customers and add to the automobile's life. Besides the due diligence, and transparent buying and selling process, they also offer three years of maintenance. "This is a value addition we offer our customers who trust us," says Jyothi. Circuits 99 has customers from across southern India. With a vision to make it a billion dollar company, Sanjeev and Jyothi have added another vertical to their thriving car busi- ness. Titled Circuits 99 Q3 Car Care, it offers quality service with a quick wash and detailing, mechanical support and tyre care for all types of cars. Soon, this vertical will spread its wings across the state as they plan to open 120 outlets and offer franchises. Many nurture the dream of buying stylish luxury cars that enhance their personality and status in the society. But before moving from a budget car to a luxury one, buying a used luxury car is always a better option. With Circuits 99, without a doubt, you can enhance your luxury experience by choosing various cars and services, Sanjeev concludes.

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For used vehicles, we calculate a fair retail price based on a detailed analysis of comparable current and previous car listings in a given market.

  • Guaranteed lien-free vehicles
  • Contribute to a compensation fund for your protection
  • Complete frame inspection
  • Preferred dealer financing
  • 30-day dealer warranty
  • All vehicles serviced

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